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S K I N •  H A I R • N A I L S

40 min: $65     |     60 min: $85

AHA Rapid Exfoliator

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Glycolic acid exfoliates away dead skin cells, smoothes, softens fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment helps restore lost moisture in the skin. It accelerates in healthy cell turnover and increases firmness and elasticity. The result will be a smoother, younger looking skin even after the first treatment.

40 min: $65     |     60 min: $85

Vitamin C Infusion Facial

Formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness. Also helps repair fine lines, sun damage & fades pigmentation. Leaves newer, brighter, fresher looking skin.

50 min: $85

Resurgence Renewal Facial

Restores lost moisture, hydration, suppleness, texture & tone. Advanced collagen building technology boosts elasticity and resilience to reduce the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles, while gentle exfoliators clear skin of dullness and stimulate cell turnover. See a youthful glow in one treatment.

60 min: $85

Intensive Wrinkle Reducer

Reduces appearance of wrinkles with powerful exfoliators while infusing the skin with long lasting hydration. Feel dramatic improvements in texture and tone without the severe level of irritation of a high performance peel. Improves penetration and absorption of skin to facilitate and enhance penetration of anti-aging ingredient. Leaves skin brighter, smoother and firmer even after one treatment.

50 min: $125     |     65 min: $175

Hydrolyte Moisture Infusion Facial

Hydrates dry, tired skin with ultimate moisture experience. Smoothes fine lines and locks in skins moisture for 8+ hours. Luxurious lipids and osmolyte technology rebuildskins epidermal water barrier to lock in the moisture your skin needs. See a plumper, more youthful appearance with just one treatment.

50 min: $120     |     65 min: $150

Youth Building Facial Featuring IP5 Technology

This anti aging facial is an ideal treatment to target and improve all signs of aging. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmentation are minimized as immuno skin complex reprograms the skin for youthfulness, while five high performance exfoliators, hydrators and brighteners rapidly resurface and hydrate the skin. Includes acupressure massage, instant eye lift to hydrate and firm eye tissue and cooling mask to soothe, hydrate and minimize redness leaving skin smooth and youthful.

50 min: Face $50     |     60 min: Back & Décolleté $60

Acne Complex Facial

Designed to reduce acne blemishes and improve the skin clarity and while instantly soothing redness and inflammation. The professional-strength acne treatment features exfoliating fruit enzymes to open clogged pores for deep cleansing and extraction without irritation. Suitable for all levels of acne severity, this powerhouse acne treatment is also available to help control breakouts on the back and décolleté.

30 min: $50

Teen Special

This advanced course in Teen clean, combines Murad’s pore-clearing Enzyme Treatment facial and a session with a skincare guidance counselor who will teach you how to take care of your skin, what products to use and how to modify your diet to maximize the health of your cells. Its an ideal way to learn how to get clear and live skin. (Recommended for ages 10-19)

60 min: $85

Redness Therapy Facial (sensitive skin)

Whether a redness flare-up is triggered by exposure to stress, sun, wind or extreme temperatures, this breakthrough treatment provides fast relief to calm and smoothes easily inflamed, sensitive skin. Includes two calming and cooling facial masks making it ideal for those who suffer from occasional or persistent redness.

45 min: $55

Pom - Power Pore Cleansing Facial

Fruit enzymes power away dirt and impurities to keep skin free of grind and remove dead skin that is past its prime ,while pomegranate attacks damaging free radicals ,leaving fresh glowing skin.

Series of any 5 treatments get 1 treatment free!